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About Us

Quolet Industries is focused primarily on addressing a unique market need for high-dose cannabidiol (CBD), drug products which minimize liver toxicity. The fast-growing medicinal cannabis industry has been inherently limited to low-dose (10-100mg/dose/day) formulation of CBD. However, research has demonstrated that most medical therapeutic conditions require high-dose CBD drug products, above 1000mg/dose/day. Unfortunately, these therapeutic high doses are associated with sever liver toxicity, making the risk/benefit unacceptable with current formulations.

Our proprietary Soli-Sol™ formulation technology offers a solution to this unmet medical need by providing systemic high dose levels (up to 2500 equivalent mg/dose/day) of CBD without first-pass liver toxicity. Quolet is positioned to effectively treat multiple neurological and psychiatric indications using our proprietary Soli-Sol™ technology platform.

Management Team

Co-Founder – CEO
DeWayne M. Davenport Jr.
George Naumov Ph.D.
EVP of Commercialization
Prakash Masand, MD

Board of Directors

Managing Director
DeWayne M. Davenport Jr.
Managing Director
George Naumov Ph.D.
Seek – IP Protection
Gregory Stoloff
Independent - Shareholder
Charles Pepin