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Quolet’s unique and proprietary delivery technology platform, Soli-Sol™, is designed to enhance the performance of certain compounds in consumable and topical products. The patented technology has been shown to improve the way active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) are absorbed, distributed and bound to the intended targets in the body.

The table below outlines the advantages that Quolet’s Soli-Sol™™ delivery system exhibits over traditional delivery systems:

Attribute Traditional Formulation SoliSol ™ Technology Evidence
Stability CBD oxidizes quickly creating

a very short shelf life

SoliSol™ encapsulates and

protects CBD from oxidation

Cognissol™ stability studies of drug product


CBD largely destroyed by

stomach acid

Formulation protection from acid

due to self emulsification

Long chain FA structures have been shown to be an effective delivery vehicle to the colon offering gastric protection and rapid transport across cell membranes
Liver bypass CBD causes liver toxicity

at high doses

Bypasses first-pass liver metabolism and travels directly into lymphatic system to target organs Enterocyte/chylomicron delivery system is well documented in the literature and shown in Phase I PK Study
Bioavailability Low CBD amount available

in the blood

High doses to target organs are achieved by higher bioavailability and bypass of first-pass liver metabolism. Phase I study demonstrates increased bioavailability.

          Formulation – oil

          No IP

          FDA orphan indications

          Treatment efficacy per mg is lower

          Formulation – Tablet or capsule

          Formulation provides IP

          Both orphan and non orphan indications

          Treatment efficacy per mg is higher (reduced COGS)

The ultimate effect is that Soli-Sol™ increases the bioavailability of ingested compounds whilst potentially reducing or eliminated liver toxicity. The unique molecular structure of Soli-Sol™, as shown through animal modeling may better enables the API to reach its target receptors in the brain and other organs.